The coolest place on the internet named "ToodleDoodle McFee's Awesome New Website"

Welcome to ToodleDoodle McFee's Awesome New Website!

Welcome weary traveller... my humble internet abode.

My website is obviously far from done, but I thought I'd leave a little information on what I eventually plan to do before I go to bed.

I don't have any specific goal in mind for this website, other than for it to be a random collection of stuff I find interesting and weird. Videogames, music, my manifesto, IDK, we'll see what happens. I basically just love the idea of Neocities and wanted to join the community by carving out my little space on the interwebs. Perhaps in the future I'll make another, more themed website if something strikes my fancy.

I'm fairly busy at the moment unfortunately, so I probably won't update very frequently. I have a Github site that I made some progress on a while back. I eventually plan for this to replace it, but for now I'll just leave it linked if you wanna check it out.

Hope you are all doing well!

Goodnight internet...


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